Econolite deploys 40th Centracs SPM solution

Econolite has announced the deployment of its 40th Centracs cloud-based, signal performance measures (SPM) system.
UTC / May 12, 2020
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Traffic light syncing is key to the Centracs SPM (© Palinchak |

This means that, in little over a year, more than 1,700 intersections are now covered by the solution, the company says.

Aimed at transportation agencies, the traffic data collection and analytics platform enables cities to proactively sync traffic signal timing to maintain a smoother flow of vehicles on their roads, it adds.

“Centracs SPM provides agencies with uninterrupted high-resolution data, continuous traffic monitoring and extreme ease-of-use in implementing performance-based signal timing strategies and automatically optimising signal programming based on real-time changes in traffic conditions,” explains Kirk Steudle, senior vice president, Econolite Systems. 

Econolite Centracs


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