Hyundai launches mobility venture in LA

Hyundai Motor has established a venture called MoceanLab to provide mobility services in Los Angeles while also aiming to reduce congestion ahead of the 2028 Olympics.
UTC / November 21, 2019

MoceanLab is to launch a car-sharing service as part of a permit pilot offered by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and 1795 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The Mocean car-share service is expected to comprise up to 20 Hyundai Ioniq plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at the end of 2019 and gradually expand to 300 EVs from Hyundai and 5229 Kia Motors.

On the run-up to the Olympics, MoceanLab intends to offer more options including autonomous ride-sharing, shuttles and multimodal transportation.

Kyounglim Yun, executive vice president of Hyundai Motor, says: “More and more customers, including citizens of LA and tourists, will greatly benefit from MoceanLab as its service gradually covers a larger area of LA and diversify its mobility services.”

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