Indygo upgrades Indianapolis bus stops 

Transportation authority points to importance of making transit easier for commuters
UTC / June 25, 2021
By Ben Spencer
IndyGo bus stop solar lighting kerb ramp Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority
IndyGo collaborated with partners for the project, including Cirta and Indy Gateway (image credit: IndyGo)

IndyGo (Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation) has unveiled upgraded bus stops at two locations which include new boarding areas, pavements, kerb ramps and solar lighting. 

The authority describes these stops as “workforce connector transfers”, a public transportation service provided by other counties or communities that connects Central Indiana workers to IndyGo.

This offers workers who live in the Indianapolis metropolitan area a connection to public transportation and jobs outside the area. 

The authority anticipates more commuters as it adds more connectors.

Inez Evans, IndyGo CEO, says: “IndyGo is excited to enhance the rider experience at these busy bus stops with the critical upgrades and conveniences our customers deserve and expect. We are also grateful to our partners who collaborated with us and helped make these changes possible.”

Partners on this project include the Indianapolis City-County Council, Town of Plainfield, Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (Cirta) and Indy Gateway.

The two bus stops are located at West Washington Street and Bridgeport Road and the eastbound bus stop at West Washington Street and Sigsbee Street along Route 8. 

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