Q-Free has design Control

Control Technologies is expanding its product line by licensing Q-Free's ATC cabinet design
UTC / August 2, 2022
By Adam Hill
urban traffic control (© Mr.siwabud Veerapaisarn | Dreamstime.com)
The design includes load current monitoring to detect dark intersections (© Mr.siwabud Veerapaisarn | Dreamstime.com)

Traffic signal control cabinet manufacturer Control Technologies is licensing Q-Free's ATC cabinet design.
Control's founder and CEO Mike Day and Q-Free EVP Jimi Meshulam said the deal hit "the sweet spot" by using complementary strengths of both organisations: Q-Free's  ATC hardware design and Control's high-quality, high-volume manufacturing.
“ATC cabinets are a proven commodity that improve safety at the intersection, boost operational efficiencies, and take the first step towards an eco-friendlier cabinet design,” said Day.

“We are excited to bring the ATC cabinet to life at our east coast manufacturing facility where we can also proudly boast that its American-made.”
Control says the ATC cabinet "combines the best of NEMA and Caltrans-style cabinets", which it has manufactured for more than 35 years.
The companies say the design meets the needs of any ATC cabinet installation, with features including "touch-safe design that protects users from accidental shock, load current monitoring to detect dark intersections, and the ability to put the intersection in flash during routine maintenance".

The design also has pass-through serial comms, remote or direct terminations, and a combo 16/18 channel output, which the firms say is not currently available from any other manufacturers on the market.

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