Ridango provides on-demand Estonia transport

Service seeks to increase transport access in rural areas and for people with mobility needs
UTC / September 23, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Ridango minibuses wheelchair-accessible vehicles Estonia Pärnumaa Tartumaa Võrumaa and Põlvamaa.
Ridango service is expected to spread across Estonia and integrate with fixed public transport routes (image credit: Ridango)

Ridango has launched a demand-responsive service in four Estonian counties to increase transport accessibility in rural areas and for people with mobility needs. 

Ridango is a solution provider for public transport, with a focus on automated fare collection and real-time passenger information systems. 

The fleet of minibuses and wheelchair-accessible vehicles will operate in the Estonian counties of Pärnumaa, Tartumaa, Võrumaa and Põlvamaa. The service is accompanied by a customer web portal and mobile app as well as functionalities such as automatic route and task planning and reporting.

The on-demand service is expected to increase efficiency for public transport operators by dispatching a vehicle with the right seating capacity. 

In a blog post, Ridango says it also offers detailed monitoring capabilities for the authorities and makes the service provision more transparent. 

Andrus Kärpuk, director of Pärnu Public Transport Authority, says: “Ridangos’ new solution offers much greater opportunities. We are not only talking about the fact that the travel orders can now be submitted directly to the call centre via web, but now we have a complete database – an overview of customers’ data, their travel preferences, routes, and discounts and schedules. But more importantly, we can now effectively combine different orders into one, which saves both time and money. Ridango’s technological solution is a highly anticipated step towards efficient and customer-friendly public transport.”

In the future, the service is expected to spread across Estonia and fully integrate with fixed public transport routes. 

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