USDoT splashes $20m on 25 mobility projects

The US Department of Transportation (USDoT)’s Federal Transit Administration has awarded more than $20 million to 25 projects under the Integrated Mobility Innovation (IMI) programme.
UTC / March 30, 2020
By Ben Spencer
USDoT provides £20.3m to projects under the IMI programme (© Pressfoto |
USDoT provides £20.3m to projects under the IMI programme (© Pressfoto |

The programme is splashing the cash on projects that use technologies to improve public transport and promote safety.

US transportation secretary Elaine Chao says: "These $20.3 million in federal grants will help communities nationwide enhance their transportation systems to make it easier for people to use transit, especially older adults and people with disabilities.”

The Central Ohio Transit Authority will use $1.7 million to develop a platform that combines traffic and transit management data and uses artificial intelligence to improve safety.

In Texas, the city of Arlington will also use the same amount to integrate autonomous vehicles into an on-demand car-sharing service, which will include a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and accommodate University of Texas Arlington students.

Additionally, the Baldwin County Commission in Alabama will receive approximately $261,000 to replace a 24-hour advance request transportation system with an on-demand rural transit network. Riders will have access to integrated trip planning and payment mechanisms as well as automated routing and scheduling.



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