Volocopter to explore air mobility in LA

Both companies will explore pilot projects to advance a future UAM network
UTC / September 21, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Volocopter Urban Movement Labs urban air mobility air taxis Los Angeles policy framework
Volocopter pledges to build a service which is complementary to other modes of transport (image credit: Volocopter)

Volocopter has joined forces with Urban Movement Labs (UML) to explore the application of its urban air mobility (UAM) solutions in Los Angeles. 

Volocopter says the partnership will provide lessons to inform a policy framework that envisions UAM as a safe, sustainable, and equitable multimodal transportation component in the US city. 

Sam Morrissey, executive director at UML, says: “We are executing a community-first strategy to engage with community-based organisations and inform a policy framework that will guide the development of UAM infrastructure in the City of Los Angeles."

"Through our partnership with Volocopter we can explore specific pilot projects to advance a future UAM network that reflects what we hear from Angelenos and establishes standards for future UAM operation.”

Christian Bauer, Volocopter chief compliance officer, says the company is “gaining real insights into living transportation ecosystems in the US to build the best complementary service to other modes of transportation for our future passengers”. 

Currently, Volocopter is developing electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to provide commercial transportation services for passengers and goods. 

According to Volocopter, this mobility service will be positioned to support existing transport options and provide point to point connections at costs similar to current taxi fares. 

Earlier this year, the US Federal Aviation Administration accepted an application from Volocopter, which set the basis for deploying electric air taxis.

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