Webinar - Advanced transportation controller cabinet component overview

UTC / April 12, 2017
© Melpomenem | Dreamstime.com
© Melpomenem | Dreamstime.com

The next 41 Eberle Design (EDI) webinar on Tuesday, 23 April (rebroadcast) at 0800 MST/1100 EDT will discuss the Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet (ATCC). The ATCC is an open architecture traffic control cabinet that combines existing standards and the latest technological advances to increase cabinet safety, functionality, ease of maintenance, and decreased size. The ATCC offers significant improvements to conventional cabinets in modularity and compact size, motorist safety, technician safety and diagnostics. It is intended to update or replace all cabinet types: NEMA TS-1, NEMA TS-2, Caltrans 33x and ITS Cabinet v1.

In this webinar, Chief Technology Officer Scott Evans will introduce and review the basic description and operation of the cabinet device level products including the cabinet monitor unit (CMU), high density switch pack (HDSP), auxiliary display unit (ADU), serial interface unit (SIU) and cabinet power supplies (CPS).

Register for the webinar on the EDI website.

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