WEF offers guidelines for city mobility

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published guidelines ranging from data sharing and multimodal integration to help cities establish and develop partnerships with mobility partners.
UTC / March 23, 2020
By Ben Spencer
WEF publishes guidelines for cities and mobility partners (© Grigor Atanasov | Dreamstime.com)
WEF publishes guidelines for cities and mobility partners (© Grigor Atanasov | Dreamstime.com)

Christoph Wolff, head of shaping the future of mobility at the WEF, says: “The guidelines provide a great opportunity for cities and mobility partners to improve transportation networks and propel the journey to seamless, electric and autonomous mobility systems. It is encouraging that cities and mobility partners are working more closely together to create equitable and viable mobility systems keeping users at the forefront."

Guidelines for City Mobility: Steering towards collaboration says cities and mobility partners should share data to efficiently conduct mobility planning and management. It is also urging them to minimise use of public space allocated to the overall mobility system by integrating long-term city planning. 

The guidelines are calling on both parties to work with community leaders and residents to ensure services are safe and for everyone while also boosting efforts to generate Mobility as a Service solutions. 

The forum is inviting cities and mobility partners to apply the guidelines consistently by creating opportunities to share information and insights for future mobility projects and working together to educate users on the impact of their mobility choices. They should also cooperate through dedicated contact people who will ensure the mobility needs of all users are prioritised, the forum says. 



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