Yunex and Lyt join up in Pacific NW

Emergency vehicle prioritisation and better traffic management are the goals
UTC / January 23, 2023
By Adam Hill
Pacific Northwest urban mobility traffic control © Davidgn |
Traffic agencies can now leverage Lyt.emergency (© Davidgn |

Yunex Traffic and Lyt are to partner in the US on traffic management and first responder priority throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The two firms say they will bring together leading AI and connected vehicle technologies to prioritise and optimise public transport, plus emergency and other vehicles, to enable shorter travel times, less congestion, improved air quality and more reliable mass transit.

Paired with Yunex's solutions including advanced traffic management systems, connected vehicle applications and advanced traffic controllers, traffic agencies can now leverage Lyt's emergency vehicle preemption solution, Lyt.emergency, which gives first responder vehicles a consistent and reliable green light as they journey to an incident.

"By shifting from line-of-site detection systems to Lyt's bird's-eye view optimisation system, traffic signals turn green well in advance of emergency vehicles, producing safer intersections for everyone," said Tim Menard, CEO and founder of Lyt.

"Our combined solutions will serve as a new benchmark for the way in which cities leverage data, technology and AI in a budget-affordable way to better understand the flow of traffic and also the way in which machine learning can quickly adapt to new traffic flow for better urban quality of life."  

"We are committed to innovation and creating technologies to push transportation forward," said Michael Gaertner, head of product and systems, DOP for Yunex Traffic US.
"Lyt is a perfect partner. Their vision parallels ours, focused on solving issues with impactful solutions rather than creating problems to solve."

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