Driivz to offer plug & play EV charging 

Collaboration with Hubject allows drivers to start charging without swiping credit card
Air Quality & Weather Systems / September 27, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Driivz plug & Play EV charging ISO 15118-compliant solution Hubject Mer
Driivz solution will help clients offer capabilities to their customers like smart EV charging (© Bunlue Nantaprom | Dreamstime.com)

Driivz is to offer plug & charge electric vehicle (EV) charging via its ISO 15118-compliant solution as part of a collaboration with eRoaming provider Hubject.

The ISO 15118 international standard defines the communications protocol between the charging station and the EV. Using the ISO 15118 interface, the vehicle identifies itself to the charging station, allowing for instant authorisation and the initiation of charging. 

Driivz says the plug & charge standard allows drivers to plug in at a public station and start charging without any need to swipe a credit card or tap a touchscreen.

The collaboration was realised by European EV charging company Mer, who chose Driivz to power its global charging infrastructure. 

Driivz's EV charging management solution is expected to ensure Mer and other clients can deliver new capabilities to their customers. These include providing a mechanism by which communication between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure can happen safely and smart EV charging. 

As part of the project, Hubject will serve as the certificate authority, providing private/public key pairs to secure and validate the digital communication underlying the instant authorisation, payment and charging transaction.

Driivz founder Doron Frenkel says: “By complying with ISO 15118, eMobility providers can future proof their networks to create smooth, seamless experiences for their customers while ensuring operational excellence, optimised energy management and stronger security.”

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