Free bikes for Commonwealth Games

Athletics and sporting event in Birmingham, UK, is promoting active travel for spectators
Air Quality & Weather Systems / July 18, 2022
By Adam Hill
Active travel cycling decarbonisation urban transport Birmingham © Gary Stringer |
Countdown: the 2022 Commonwealth Games begin on 27 July (© Gary Stringer |

Visitors and residents in Birmingham, UK, during the 2022 Commonwealth Games, can get two free bike half-hour rides per day. 

West Midlands Cycle Hire is offering the service for the games, which run from 27 July to 8 August: it has 1,500 bikes for hire across the region, including 150 e-bikes and 200 docking station.

Spectators for the various sporting and athletics events have the cost of public transport included as part of their tickets.

There will also be free spectator shuttle buses and beefed up public transport services to keep people moving around the region, with the organisers emphasising the benefits of leaving cars at home and taking up alternative modes.

Andy Street, mayor of the West Midlands, said it is "imperative that we have the transport provision to match the scale of the Games".

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