Fifteen charges up to 10 bikes at a time with new modular station

French micromobility company is offering e-bikes on short- and long-term rental
Air Quality & Weather Systems / May 22, 2023
By Adam Hill
Micromobility bike-share urban mobility decarbonisation (image: Fifteen)
Station fits in the size of a single parking space (image: Fifteen)

Fifteen has launched a compact and modular e-bike charging station, which it says is easy to install.

It can accommodate up to 10 bikes in an area the size of a single parking space - 5m long - and allows up to four charging stations to be powered from a single electrical connection.

Fifteen says the station adjusts the charge to meet the needs of the bikes and predicted demand, ensuring that "every bike is ready to go, with at least 75% of its available range". 

The bike-share company has also launched a new model of e-bikes for short- or long-term rental - from a few minutes to several days or months.

Its 'augmented bike networks' offering this service are deployed in smaller and mid-sized cities like Gijón (Spain), Epinal, Landerneau, and Montélimar (France), as well as in the French city of Marseille. There are upcoming launches in Auxerre and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in France.

Fifteen was recently awarded the Active Mobility Innovation Award at Autonomy Paris.

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