Networking & Communication Systems

September 28, 2022
Project is designed to reduce heavy goods vehicle traffic in centre of Copenhagen
September 23, 2022
Next US city to host ITS World Congress will be Atlanta, Georgia
September 21, 2022
Significant boost for ITS from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law signed last year
September 15, 2022
All-electric AV using both Lidar and radar will be on roads with safety driver in Michigan
September 13, 2022
FHWA changes requirements for minimum levels of retroreflectivity for road markings
September 12, 2022
New precise positioning service will be more accurate than individual GNSS, firms say
September 8, 2022
VDoT wants firm to provide a plan on how to integrate outside C/AV data into operations
September 8, 2022
MK6 will be 'catalyst' for increasing roll-out of connected vehicles, says manufacturer
September 7, 2022
Bus and rail group managing 'cybersecurity incident' after detecting 'unauthorised activity'
September 5, 2022
Caltrans, USDoT's Carma and Aecom & Spoke will all be available for delegates to see