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May 12, 2020
By Adam Hill
ITS International May-June 2020: your guide in uncertain times
ITS International May-June 2020: your guide in uncertain times

The May/June issue of ITS International is out now. 

It is packed full of ideas about the current pandemic and the way out of lockdown.

At this uncertain time, a number of industry experts offer their views on how the ITS sector can survive and prosper:

  • Christian Haas, CEO of PTV Group, talks about the need to be bold and innovative, tempering realism with optimism.
  • Tech start-up OpenSpace discusses how its use of vision technology is going to help authorities with social distancing at transport hubs.
  • Here Technologies explains how artificial intelligence is going to be a crucial part of smart cities and what this means for individual privacy.
  • Panasonic reveals why its work on connected vehicle technology on a highway in rural Georgia is a safety R&D testbed.
  • And Parsons Corporation suggests three things that ITS professionals can do to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on transportation systems.

Plus all the latest Products, Cost Benefit, Comment and more...

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