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Associations news: TTS Italia wins project trio

First publishedin ITS International
July August 2018
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Strong links with Italian municipalities have won TTS Italia key roles in three major projects which are supported by the European Union. The three-year SocialCar, ending in May 2018, has researched a dedicated ‘intelligent mobility’ communications network for integrating carpooling offers with existing urban public transit to enable more effective transport demand management.

Key elements include crowd-sourced information, GNSS-based location, use of social media and the creation of powerful planning algorithms. The 2018 Transport Research Arena in Vienna highlighted a Ride MyRoute app designed to enable travel information integration as part of the project.

Meanwhile, CAPITAL (Collaborative Capacity Programme on ITS Training, Education and Liaison), which ends in 2019, is developing a bank of training and educational resources for private- and public-sector actors to support the deployment of co-operative ITS (C-ITS) across Europe.  

Finally, MyCorridor (MaaS in a multimodal European cross-border corridor), which runs until 2020,  is developing a ‘matchmaker’ platform that will enable transport service providers to register their offers and end users (both travellers and carpoolers) to enter their requests. It plans to develop a multi-actor, multi-criteria analysis methodology. TTS Italia is responsible for pilot realisation and impact assessment.

All three projects have had TTS Italia as their sole European ITS association partner. Secretary general Olga Landolfi attributes this prominence to its Local Authorities Platform which, within an EU project,  “can guarantee direct dialogue with many Italian cities”.

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