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  • Subtle differencesToo often, when I sit down to write one of these forewords, I worry that things are becoming a little circular. 30 September 2010
  • No ifs or butsFor twenty-some years I lived in Crawley in south-east England. 30 July 2010
  • Good money after badFundamentally, as human beings, we tend to want much the same things 31 May 2010
  • An 'E' for effortA friend of mine's wife used to work on a ladies' magazine. 31 March 2010
  • Cold, hard truthsBy comparison with the snow paralysis which hit North America at the beginning of February, and the conditions endured by much of Northern Europe... 29 January 2010
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Latest Industry Products

  • HereTechnologies_iStock-1059046294_flipped.jpg Here unveils Live Sense road hazard SDKHere Technologies has released a software development kit (SDK) which it says provides real-time insights on driving conditions and upcoming obstacles without the need for...
  • Gogoro Network Super GoStation.jpg Gogoro launches e-scooter battery-swap stationTaiwan-based Gogoro Network has unveiled a battery-swapping station which it says retains more than 200kWh of energy and supports 1,000 electric scooters per...
  • Nodum_LCR Request.JPG Nodum releases road closure softwareStart-up Nodum has launched a product which allows transit authorities and construction engineers to coordinate road closures to minimise disruption. Nodumtraffic.com...
  • Ā© Egis - Richard Lengrand (1).png Egis offers VR training for highway patrolsEgis has launched the training module for motorway patrollers using a virtual reality (VR) headset and handheld controls. In conjunction with French start-up Immersive...
  • Harman Image ver02.jpg Harman launches V2X telematics systemHarman International, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has unveiled its Dual-Mode Vehicle to Everything (V2X) telematics system aimed at improving automotive vehicle...
  • Toyota map-hires2.png Toyota unveils traffic map in JapanToyota has released an online map which provides information on road closures and natural disasters in Japan. The company says users can check data from the past one to...
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