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30 January 2018

15 nominees confirmed for Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

An international jury of transportation experts have shortlisted 15 candidates across the five categories: Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Safety, Parking and Smart Mobility for the Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018. The final winners will be announced at the opening ceremony of the three day event, which will take place from 20-23 March.

Under Infrastructure, Saedi has been selected for its FlexLight Bollard, which is designed with the intention of combining the advantages of different kinds of bollards to create an infrastructure solution. Asura’s plug & play solution, Asura Recognition Unit, which is said to enable high accuracy license plate recognition in any visual data collection system will also compete for the award along with Cross Zlín’s Optiwim sensor. The device aims to detect vehicle width, double-tyre and tyre pressure.

For parking, Pakrhere’s self-powered parking sensor which does not require an external supply has been nominated alongside ParkNow’s urban mobility control management and parking system which integrates cashless apps, parking meters, permits and enforcement data to optimise traffic flow. Sernis’ Imapark system has also been shortlisted for providing a system which helps drivers find and pre-reserve a free parking space on public roads more quickly using sensors, road studs, electronic displays and mobile app.

Under Traffic Management, Sprinx has been shortlisted for its Traffic AID innovation, which is intended to detect incidents and keep traffic moving. It will compete with Eco-Counter’s Citix 3D counter that automatically counts and differentiates pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, as well as ApplyParking’s Signs to Lines Mapping, which maps paint on the street related to traffic and parking management.

The Safety nominees feature Viion Systems’ TrafficCam 3D Lidar smart camera with on-board processing and telemetry for traffic safety and security applications alongside Sernis Tecnologic Solutions’ SR-90 system which is said to provide speed reduction of vehicles in controlled speed zones. In addition, Traffic Technology’s SpeedWatch+ has also been chosen for the award with for its system that wirelessly interfaces to the SpeedWatch device with the intention of warning drivers of their disregard for community road safety.

ParkNow’s On-Street Parking Info (OSPI) has been selected for the Smart Mobility award. It aims to forecast space availability based on historic traffic flows, parking meter data and transactions from parking apps. Additionally, Dynniq’s CrossCycle app, which is said to identify cyclists when they approach an intersection and offer them the green light more quickly has also been shortlisted along with EasyPark Group’s Find&Pay app. The solution is designed with the intention of offering payment and turn-by-turn navigation directly to find available parking for on and off-street locations. 

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