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01 May 2019

AID partners with Aeva on sensors for AVs

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
AID (Autonomous Intelligent Driving), a subsidiary of Audi, is installing Aeva’s 4D Lidar technology to its electric ‘e-tron’ test vehicles in Munich, Germany.

AID is hoping the technology will help it bring autonomous vehicles (AV) to urban areas within the next years.

Alexandre Haag, AID´s chief technology officer, says Aeva’s 4D Lidar technology was chosen for its “combination of long range, instantaneous velocity measurements at cm/s precision and robustness to interferences”.

AID says Aeva’s sensing technology uses continuous low-power laser to sense instant velocity of every point per frame, at ranges up to 300m.

According to AID, this produces a 4D map of the environment where the instant velocity information improves the detection and classification of all critical objects such as pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles at distance.

Aeva’s technology is free from interference from other sensors or sunlight which improve AID’s proprietary perception capabilities and improve safety of AVs, AID adds.

Click here to see the e-tron vehicle using Aeva’s 4D Lidar technology.

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