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ERM bolsters StarLink telematics platform to improve car-sharing services

First publishedin ITS International
April 2019

Israeli company ERM Advanced Telematics is improving its StarLink product to include add-ons which allow car-sharing companies to control and immobilise a vehicle to prevent unauthorised use.

The StarLink telematics device serves as a foundation solution in which users can choose the DoorLock add-on or one of the company’s eCut immobilisation products.

Called StarLink Tracker SF BT, the solution comes with Bluetooth communication as well as a driver behaviour feature. It uses sensors and Canbus integration - a process which transfers information between various electronic systems - to monitor the car’s technical aspects and driver activity. Also, the device offers audio and visual alerts to help educate the driver during the trip.

The vehicles can be equipped with emergency button options and blackbox technology, which carries out a post-accident analysis prior to, and after, the accident.

ERM says its technology can read the fuel status of a vehicle at any time and recommend nearby petrol stations on the driver’s route.


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