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Genetec updates security platform to include cybersecurity features

First publishedin ITS International
April 2019
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Genetec has upgraded its Security Center platform for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and video surveillance to include cybersecurity and privacy features.

The Security Center 5.8 comes with a security score which ranks compliance with guidelines and firmware available. The score is available through the built-in system health dashboard and measures individual cybersecurity processes.

The open-architecture platform works with the Genetec KiwiVision Camera integrity monitor feature to detect potential camera position changes, loss of image quality or tampering and to alert administrators.

The firm says Security Center features improved privacy protection layers to help customers comply with global data privacy regulations such as GDPR. Users can define and control who has access to sensitive data and footage.

Customisable dashboards enable users to display real-time data, such as video feeds, alarms and reports as well as combining data from the company’s portfolio in one screen.

A mobile app will allow operators to record incidents, access nearby video and ANPR devices, as well as share videos to the Security Center. It also allows users to access number plate reports, event-based reports and interactive maps. Operators can use built-in messaging to share information with personnel in the field.

Security Center 5.8 is expected to be available before June this year.


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