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RetroTek-MU certified as dynamic mobile retroreflectometer

First publishedin ITS International
2017 November December
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The RetroTek-MU (RTM) has been certified to ASTM E 1710 standard as a dynamic mobile retroreflectometer, according to the testing, monitoring and certification association for road-owners, StrAus-Zert (SAZ). It is capable of measuring road markings/striping across the full width of a traffic lane simultaneously in one pass at traffic speeds up to 120km/h (75mph) and can be operated by one driver.

The assessment, carried out by SAZ’s Dr Hans-Hubert Meseberg, also confirmed that the RTM is capable of measuring the night visibility of road/lines striping on the right and left including the lane markings in the centre. Dr Meseberg added that its measuring system provides the same measured values of the coefficient of retroflected luminance (RL) as a portable, handheld measuring device, within the scope of an acceptable measuring accuracy. The RTM can detect the coefficient of RL  with good accuracy independent of the measuring velocity.

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