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12 September 2017

Philips Lighting and American Tower Corporation form alliance develop smart street lighting

Wireless infrastructure provider American Tower Corporation has formed an alliance with Philips Lighting to co-develop a high performance smart street lighting pole for smart city applications in the US.

The companies are developing a 4G/5G-enabled LED smart light pole for use in roads, streets and parking lots to improve wireless broadband access in dense urban areas while also providing quality energy-efficient connected LED lighting.
The design of the new smart pole will incorporate a wide range of technological capabilities into a sleek form factor that blends into a variety of different cityscapes. Equipped with a fully integrated antenna, the new smart pole will co-locate multiple wireless carriers in a single structure and can accommodate a variety of radio configurations from various major OEMs.

Multiple wireless carriers can easily install radio equipment including 4G and 5G small cell radio equipment with the plug-and-play design, without adding urban clutter, changing the city landscape, or affecting the aesthetics of a neighbourhood. Additionally, the lighting on each smart pole can be monitored and managed remotely to optimise energy savings and reduce maintenance costs using the Philips CityTouch connected street lighting management system.

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