Bluecity shows Lidar & AI capability

Bluecity’s high-resolution 3D Lidar sensor and AI perception software detect vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians with pinpoint accuracy in real time.
March 31, 2022
Philip Lassner
Philip Lassner

This enables the company to provide accurate and reliable multimodal traffic data for traffic operations, infrastructure planning and road safety improvements.

Fresh from winning the prestigious SXSW Innovation Award 2022, Bluecity’s solution provides advanced safety analytics and signal performance measures to gain instant insights into traffic patterns, enabling agencies to optimise traffic flow.

The solution integrates with traffic controllers to reduce congestion and as a result, to cut emissions – an issue which is close to the top of the agenda for cities worldwide.

Recently, Bluecity was chosen by authorities in Russelheim, Germany, for digital monitoring and reporting of trucks. Fully GDPR-compliant and reliable in all weather and lighting conditions, the solution detects and identifies vehicles that are banned on city streets to ease road congestion and thus reducing air and noise pollution.

In Helsinki, it was piloted in 2021 to monitor and count traffic flows at a junction, as well as to improve traffic safety. The solution produced detailed information about traffic, such as the number of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, their speeds, their exact paths and impending dangers. C-ITS service messages also warned drivers about a risk of collision they couldn’t see.

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