DKT beats the blues

In The Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood Blues famously stole a police car as they attempted to raise the necessary money to keep open the orphanage in which they had been raised.
March 31, 2022
Bernhard GÖTT and team
Bernhard GÖTT and team

The brothers might have had a harder task if DKT’s RFID vehicle tags had been around when the film was made in 1980.

The German company’s UHF/HF RFID technology, embedded in licence plates or imprinted into a small adhesive patch that can be attached to the vehicle’s windscreen, can be read from any suitable reader, whether mounted on a gantry over a road, or by a handheld reader.

The vehicle’s registration and other information, such as whether the car is licensed or insured, can be called up on an Android phone and DKT’s CarCon app solution, for example. That makes the theft if a car fitted with the technology very much harder.

DKT has brought the original police cruiser from the Blues Brothers film to the show to demonstrate its technology. Mercifully for the brothers, the RFID technology was absent in the 1980s. Otherwise, the orphanage might never have been saved. And that would have made a very different sort of movie.

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