Braums 2X breaks new ground

‘Ground-breaking’ is an often-over-used term but in the case of the Braums R2X it really is ground-breaking technology that allows for rapid in-ground inductive loop replacement.
March 29, 2022
Thomas Jeffrey of Braums
Thomas Jeffrey of Braums

As visitors to the Braums stand will learn, the Australia-headquartered company’s Braums R2X links modern above ground detection solutions and sensors to existing traffic controllers where previously in-ground inductive loop detectors were used to detect vehicle presence.

The device negates upgrading the traffic controller or modifying its controller software (personality) in compliant controllers, generally required by other interface solutions and products.

The Braums R2X is expandable, providing support for up to four loop detector cards, managing and replacing up to 64 in-ground inductive loops. It features a full TCPIP stack to enable it to also act as a device server, allowing data routing over WAN, and remote configuration of the traffic sensors.

Another key feature is that the Braums R2X also features configurable relays, supporting traffic light phase extension, speed triggering, and other capabilities. Of course, Braums R2X can be used at new traffic intersections as well, for faster rollout and integration with smartmicro traffic sensors.

Visitors to the Braums stand will also see the Braums R2X+ which supports replacement of up to 32 detection zones, double the capacity of Braums R2X.

A recent partnership saw Braums become the Australian distribution partner for smartmicro traffic sensor devices, and Braums has embarked on developing a comprehensive range of above ground detection capabilities around smartmicro devices.

“Our Braums engineering team continues to innovate in the ITS space, producing high quality solutions that are adopted around the world. Braums R2X is an exciting innovation that will change the way traffic authorities and city councils approach integrating new technology with existing infrastructure,” said Andrew Bull, Braums’ founder and managing director.

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