Capsys signals active travel change

The rise of walking and cycling in our urban areas is a key component of post-Covid life as some street space has been reallocated away from cars.
March 31, 2022
Left : Elodie Gosseries with Delphine Rey-Canard
Left : Elodie Gosseries with Delphine Rey-Canard

But this brings its own challenges in terms of safety, and vehicle detection specialist Capsys is unveiling a new detection solution to address the safe and smooth integration of active mobility into urban areas.

A major market player for over 30 years, Capsys remains a family-owned company which has enhanced its technology portfolio to cover the full range of detection applications, according to the needs of its customers and to developments in the industry and wider society.

At Intertraffic 2022 it is presenting a variety of other new solutions too: in addition to its active travel products, these include a high-performance range of multi-application radars and a new configuration application, Cap’Mobile, to make installation simple, remote and flexible.

As well as urban traffic control, Capsys also works in public transport management, with traffic light priority for buses and emergency vehicles, as well as track switching control for tram and tram-train networks.

With a high focus on technology and ingenuity, turnkey solutions also make up an important part of its activity, Capsys says.

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