Cepton hopes Nova will take over

Cepton’s stand features its new Nova sensor, which is scheduled to become part of the world’s largest automotive contract in some of next year’s General Motors line-up of vehicles.
March 31, 2022

Nova is the latest model in Cepton’s range of Lidar sensors. It scans for around 30m, with a field of view of 120o x 60o, using a ‘point cloud’ of lights to detect and define any object, its direction of movement and speed. Nova is now available following a three-year qualification and testing process.

When mounted around a vehicle as part of its sensor suite, it gives all-round coverage of a vehicle, providing the driver with awareness of conditions around him. Nova can also be installed in lampposts at intersections, to provide a ‘picture’ of the junction. For high-volume automotive contracts, Nova has a target price of under $100.

US-based Cepton works with Tier 1 automotive company Koito of Japan, which manufactures vehicle lights. The company supplies components to Koito, which assembles and then provides the finished sensors to vehicle OEMs.

Lidar sensors also have static uses. “The ‘smart city’ area is very interesting for us,” said Klaus Wagner, Cepton’s director, product management and marketing. Lidar “can be used for everything from detecting traffic flows to and monitoring intersections for safety”.

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