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DataCollect Traffic Systems is exhibiting two recently-released products in Amsterdam.
March 31, 2022
Mario Lippoldt
Mario Lippoldt

AirGreen is a low-cost Internet of Things air quality sensor that collects environmental data nearly in real time. It measures nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, air pressure and humidity – as well as noise measurements.

With AirGreen, cities and municipalities are able to collect environmental data in a scalable manner and on demand, with a self-learning model allowing customers to receive air quality predictions after one year.
Meanwhile Argos is an AI-based traffic counting and classification system which can either be used for mobile, short-term measurements or as a permanent real-time traffic counting and classification system.

It is designed for junctions, roundabouts and multi-lane roads, and even if Argos uses a camera for object detection, no video recording is necessary as the data is directly being processed on board – making it 100 % GDPR-compliant.

It can count and classify 10 vehicle classes (bicycles, motorbikes, cars, cars with trailer, transporters with or without windows, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trucks with trailer, buses) and also pedestrians.
AirGreen and Argos data files are analysed in DataCollect´s new cloud,, merging air quality and traffic data, which allows statements about the correlation between traffic volume and environmental pollution.
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