Cross Zlin keeps all options open

Freedom of choice is what the modular CrossWIM weigh-in-motion system from the Czech manufacturer Cross Zlin is all about. Freedom to choose an application for the Cross Zlin system and freedom to choose what road weighing sensors you use from five or more other manufacturers if desired.
March 31, 2022
Václav Blahnik
Václav Blahnik

Agencies and authorities are no longer bound by previous sensor choices in order to upgrade and expand their existing systems, said Vaclav Blahnik, product manager for telematics with Cross Zlin. Importantly, variability is enhanced by accurate evaluation of temperature-compensated sensor signals, based on installed temperature sensors under the road surface.

Typical accessories include licence plate recognition, vehicle size measurement, variable message sign operation, and overview cameras. Also, if greater precision of measurement is needed for direct enforcement – weighing accuracy to around 5 per cent is gained by adding skewed piezo thresholds.

Stand 01.307

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