Efaflex opens the door to adaptable parking

Germany-based Efaflex is exhibiting its range of specially designed high-speed doors for industrial sectors including parking and traffic.
March 29, 2022

The doors are designed for the toughest continuous use and to meet high requirements for safety, security while delivering fast operating speeds. The doors on display, the EFA-STT and the EFA-SST PS with EFA-SmartConnect are adaptable to the most diverse conditions.

Laths constructed of crystal-clear acrylic glass mean that the EFA-SST door leaf is more than 70% transparent for increased natural daylight and provides a clear vision of sight for improved user safety. They are engineered for continual use, and Efaflex says their almost wear-free nature ensures they will last for years.

The EFA-SST PS is a compact space-saving spiral design that utilises 105mm laths to enable the door to be used in cramped environments or where lintel, or headroom is reduced, which makes them suitable for underground car parks.

Also on show is the EFA-SmartConnect module for intelligently networking door systems. The module enables both the operation and the planning of customer service and maintenance processes in your protected WLAN network.

Stand 10.508

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