Elan Cite's Evolis sets benchmark

France-headquartered Élan Cité Group is here at Intertraffic to focus on the success of its technology and its track record. For instance, the company says its Evolis radar speed sign is the global benchmark with over 20,000 installed and is the world’s best-selling radar speed sign on the market.
March 30, 2022
Tiffany Canavet
Tiffany Canavet

Élan Cité says such sales volumes are proof of the optimal technology, display visibility, accuracy of detection and reliability of the Evolis as well as quality of data management and programming software.  

Importantly, the economies of scale generated by large volume production allows the company to offer ultra-competitive pricing across its entire product range. Since 2005, Élan Cité has designed and manufactured urban communication and traffic management systems and says it works with over 10,000 local authorities, worldwide.  

All of the company’s production is based entirely in France and all sub-contractors involved in the process are certified ISO 9001. Élan Cité says this proven manufacturing process is subject to strict controls which allows the company to guarantee an optimal quality of its products.  

Other benefits of its products include easy installation and operation, with customer support at all stages of a project. Overall, Élan Cité says its mission is to ensure value for money, product efficiency, reliability, and durability.

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