Good vibrations from Cestel

With SiWIM, from Cestel, you get double value for your money. Law enforcement agencies get traditional highly accurate weigh-in-motion traffic circulation information about heavy trucks. Meanwhile, bridge owners get data on how their asset is reacting to the passage of vehicles.
March 31, 2022
Matija Mavrč
Matija Mavrč

Sensors are located in the middle of a bridge’s span where the flexing of the span is at its greatest, explains Sara Zerko, from Cestel’s marketing department. Relationships between bridge deck vibrations and the trucks tells the real story about both the truck as well as the bridge. The data is analysed by Cestel and information is sent via an app to the bridge owners or the local law enforcement organisations.

Deflections of a bridge’s span are recorded and can be used to calculate deterioration of the asset in several ways. This allows planned maintenance programmes to be developed based on the amount of traffic using the bridge. Traffic volumes could be controlled to extend the life of the road surface, for example.

SiWIM’s hardware is based on simple strain gauges, precise amplifiers and fast signal converters. Cestel’s software, developed in-house, covers all the areas of the measuring process and presents the end-user with a comprehensible, readable report. The result is weigh-in-motion law enforcement coupled with efficient strategic asset management. A win-win solution for everyone, notes Cestel, based in Slovenia.

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