Idemia leads the way on safety

Idemia is here to showcase its road safety solutions which combine the best technologies on the market -Doppler, lidar, and video analytics- into a single solution.
March 30, 2022
Jean-Paul Baldacci
Jean-Paul Baldacci

Recognised for their efficiency and performance, Idemia products provide accurate speed measurement with integrated video analytics. The company’s solutions can classify different types of vehicles and enable in-cabin vision to detect the use of smartphones and whether or not a person is wearing a seatbelt.

Idemia says its end-to-end collection of fixed and mobile solutions can be adapted to any environment and are suitable for a broad range of use cases.

The company’s Mesta Control is a back-office solution where law enforcement, traffic management and public security are integrated in a single platform. Idemia says its Mesta Fusion provides the highest violation detection rate on the market for complex violations such as tailgating, overtaking, forbidden trajectories and yellow box offences, among others.

Meanwhile, Mesta Compact is an advanced multi-violation compact device that is particularly suited to urban and rural environments. Mesta Mobile is a fully automated  system with live transmission of violations as well as offline recording.

Finally, the Mesta Flow advanced traffic law enforcement system monitors the average speed of a large network of multiple control sections.

Stand 05.108

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