ISS embraces the potential of AI

Image Sensing Systems has introduced Autoscope IntelliSight, a new product in its Autoscope video detection system range, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve detection performance.
March 30, 2022
Rik Maus
Rik Maus

For decades, Autoscope has been serving cities around the world, moving traffic safely and efficiently by delivering accuracy, reliability and high performance.

The company says Autoscope IntelliSight moves the game on, “taking video detection to new heights by offering the most advanced detection algorithms with AI and machine learning on the market today”.

The camera and processor provide high performance vehicle detection, bicycle and pedestrian detection and enhanced traffic data collection in real time.

Image Sensing Systems says it is also smart city-ready with connectivity to other systems. It adds that the performance of IntelliSight is robust and reliable and is based on a new hardware platform designed to enable future capabilities and solutions.

“The future is now, with Autoscope IntelliSight,” said Rick Maus, senior product manager – Autoscope. “This new platform leads the charge by providing human behaviour insights, robust data, simple set-up and smart city-connected technology.”

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