Lacroix invites drivers to park with confidence

Drivers never know if there will be a parking space by the time they get to the parking lot, right? Wrong.
March 31, 2022


With the PGx Travel Time Pack from French manufacturer Lacroix, municipalities and parking lot operators can now not only provide drivers with the number of parking space available but inform them how long it will take to arrive there.

The system uses a network of dynamic electronic panels installed along strategic urban routes to indicate parking spaces available. Also, using Lacroix’s BlueVia sensors and WebVia software analysis, it also tells drivers how long the journey will take to the parking lot from that information sign. Importantly, the journey time is in real time, meaning it will be less or more depending on the traffic situation.

If two or more electronic information panels are on the same post, then drivers can choose the parking lot that it either less full or is closest in driving time – or both!

Stand 02.118

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