Metalesa demos Metaurban Smart system

If it exists, then Metalesa’s new Metaurban Smart parapet containment system can measure it to provide the highest standard of road safety.
March 31, 2022
Fernando Cucarella
Fernando Cucarella

Metalesa, a family-owned Spanish company, says its soon-to-be-available Metaurban Smart is a breakthrough in the urban equipment sector. It will inspire others to imagine how the IoT can transform static road elements into active digital members of the smart-city ecosystem. The system can create a modern image of the city that includes an elegant and aesthetic appearance.

Metaurban Smart is a sensor system that is added to road furniture – including road safety barriers and other vehicle restraint systems.  Through signalling, electronics and software, it detects situations between road users and alerts them to potential accidents.

Metalesa’s solution already includes functionality for detecting situations such as proximity of cyclists to vehicles and distance to intersections and can manage signalling to accommodate traffic management.

A fully tested infrastructure system, using embedded LEDs, can operate autonomously 24/7, thanks to its secure, open and scalable control architecture.

Metaurban Smart combines the best knowledge of vehicle restraint systems with an innovative technology to provide users with a greater road safety experience and to turn cities and peri-urban roads into safer and gentler places to live in, promoting sustainable mobility. A complete product-specific website will be available in several languages from April 29.

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