MetroCount shines with RoadPod VM

MetroCount has released its new RoadPod VM traffic monitoring system. The product uses solar-powered magnetometers embedded in cat’s-eye studs installed in arrays along the middle of a traffic lane.
March 30, 2022
Ross Serdet
Ross Serdet

RoadPod VM captures and transmits data on each vehicle that passes the sensors, providing speed, length-based classification, volume and direction.

The system time-stamps each vehicle and sends information in real time to MetroCount’s Atlyst analytics dashboard, where data is clearly displayed on an interactive map.

It can provide this data to toll providers, tunnel management, car parks and drive-through, providing year-round data for local and state governments who only have expertise in installing short-term traffic monitoring systems.

The company says RoadPod VM can also reduce the need for traffic management – such as lengthy workzones – during installations due to extremely fast sensor placement.

It is currently being tested by multiple organisations in conjunction with VMS signs, where it can also warn drivers of congestion ahead, speeding, driving too close to the vehicle in front and other safety-related issues.

The culmination of five years’ R&D, the product has been tested with the City of South Perth, New Zealand Transport Authority and Main Roads Western Australia.

MetroCount says it can be installed in just five minutes, with solar power meaning it is 100% off-grid, while filtering and sharing allows operators to enjoy easy data analysis.

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