MRL earns its stripes

With a focus on innovation and quality, MRL Equipment Company, is proud to share its latest developments in single-operator pavement striping and removal equipment.
March 29, 2022
Jim Spielman of MRL
Jim Spielman of MRL

“For more than 40 years, MRL Equipment has designed and built traffic paint, thermoplastic, plural component, and line removal/grooving equipment with a reputation for reliability and high productivity,” said MRL Equipment founder Jim Spielman. “Our Mini product line and GrindPro continue that tradition of excellence with the added advantages of one-person operation and compact size.”

The MRL Mini Mac Thermoplastic Striper enables the quick application of thermoplastic detail markings and superior manoeuvrability in tight workspaces. Available in 181 kg, 453 kg, and 680 kg material capacities, the Mini Mac offers ribbon extrusion, screed extrusion, and air atomised spray applications.

Visitors to the company’s stand will also learn how to remove pavement markings, groove for inlaid markings, and slot cut for raised marker installation with the MRL Mini Grinder. It features easily adjustable cutting heads to keep cut placement accurate and equal depth. The 20.3 cm diameter cutting heads cut up to 33 cm wide, while the 42.5 CMM vacuum system provides exceptional debris capture.

Also being highlighted is MRL’s GrindPro Removal Truck that offers big truck performance in a versatile, compact design. Launched 2021, the GrindPro utilises a redesigned cutting head and powerful vacuum system to assure dust-free operation. Two 50.8 cm-diameter heads grind, groove, plunge-cut, and slot-cut with minimal surface damage, while the hydrostatic chassis drive system provides precise speed control down to 0.16 kilometers per hour. The cutting head is adjustable with widths from 10 cm to 33 cm. One-person operation enables labour savings in some job situations.

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