New choices at Exelerate's intersections

Exelerate says that traffic light control in small and medium sized cities is generally overlooked. The available products in the market today provide only a partial solution and require continuous expensive professional services to operate and maintain. This has created a market where cities are vendor-blocked for decades with an insufficient solution to their unique needs.
March 7, 2022


Exelerate claims its traffic light control system offers the first real alternative. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s high-tech sector, the company’s product called Falcon is successfully deployed in over 1,200 intersections. Strengthened by the Xcaliber adaptive algorithm, Exelerate provides cities with an ability to access advanced capabilities all in one package. It includes a full traffic solution including time-of-day, semi adaptive, and adaptive control via the Xcaliber algorithm. It also provides connection to all available traffic controllers and sensors found in the street-level (vendor agnostic), a complete priority platform for public transportation and emergency vehicles.

Another benefit of the system is that the city gains back its independence. No further professional services are required for full operation of the system. Additionally, it is adaptable to the city needs, policies and regulation and it can act as a “traffic vector” middle-ware in a smart city platform. Finally, Falcon provides a flexible SaaS price structure.

According to Exelerate, its Falcon traffic light control platform provides all of the needs to successfully control and manage traffic. The system can allow cities to decrease carbon emissions, contributing to cleaner air, less traffic and better living conditions for the city’s residents.

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