Nothing retro about RetroTek-D

Road authorities globally are under pressure to improve the quality of road markings in preparation for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV). The safety systems, such as lane departure warnings, rely on quality road markings to operate correctly.
March 30, 2022
Joe Turley
Joe Turley

As such, road marking surveys are now safer and more cost effective thanks to the innovative RetroTek-D mobile retroreflectometer, from Reflective Measurement Systems. RetroTek-D uses the latest machine vision and LED projector technology combined with powerful GPS tracking reporting software to radically transform retroreflectivity road marking surveys for operators.

The front-mounted mobile RetroTek-D system is the first full-lane-width vehicle mounted retroreflectometer that can operate day or night and which is certified to EN1436 and ASTM E 1710 standards. It can record retroreflectivity and day-contrast measurements for left, right and centre lane road markings and also reflective pavement markings (RPMs/road studs) in one survey. This can reduce survey costs by up to 50%.

The RetroTek-D has been independently certified to provide the same level of accuracy in retroreflectivity measurement as handheld devices, but at normal road traffic speeds. This eliminates the need for road closures or traffic disruption while simultaneously gathering all the data digitally to pinpoint road marking failures.

Stand 01.163

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