Outlook is calm with MetSense

Swedish firm MetSense specialises in innovative sensor solutions for operators which need to take winter road maintenance seriously.
March 30, 2022

The company is showing off its flagship 2DRoad, a non-invasive weather camera which offers a full multi-lane description of road conditions, with a detection area up to 6x6m and a 64x64 = 4096-pixel resolution.

2DRoad distinguishes between eight road surface conditions, estimates road surface friction and measures road surface temperature. It can also be equipped with a range of expansion sensors, turning it into a full-fledged weather station.

MetSense products enable mobile and stationary monitoring of parameters such as road surface status, road surface friction, road surface temperature, freezing point and more.

As well as the 2DRoad weather camera, its sensors include the embedded freezing point detector MetSalt and various versions of the laser-based non-intrusive road condition detector MetRoad, as well as MetRoad Mobile and the upcoming MetRoad Stationary and MetRoad IoT.

MetSense has deployed its products in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the UK – and you can see output from these installation sites, as well as the sensors themselves, at Intertraffic.

Stand: 05.453

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