Pi-Lit makes an impact

Pi-Lit Technologies, from the US state of California, has brought to Intertraffic two of its newest Ground Truth sensors. The Impact Detection System monitors critical safety infrastructure for both minor and major impacts that may otherwise go unreported.
March 30, 2022


Any impact with a crash cushion, guardrail, end terminal, cable barrier and more should be inspected. But many go unreported for weeks, despite the asset possibly being compromised. The industry currently has no formal reporting mechanism. However, the Impact Detection System by Pi-Lit reports via text message, email and IMS systems.

Using its industry-recognised mesh network, Pi-Lit now connects all of its temporary traffic control lamps and road LED flares to cloud services through Pi-Link, a cellular gateway to Waze, Google Maps, industry dispatch or government incident management systems. All of Pi-Lit's devices are now ‘smart’; they adhere to the standardised Work Zone Data Exchange data format.

These smart lamps report battery status, operating condition, impact and blow-overs and GPS (GNSS) location. Your text message will tell you that a delineator has blown over before the inspector will call you.

Stand 08-741

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