Skidata targets ‘perfect parking’

Visitors to the Skidata stand are being challenged to think about what makes a perfect parking experience. From finding a parking spot to having your vehicle cleaned while you go shopping, Skidata systems meet the highest expectations and look to the future. The company says that its customers can benefit from EV charging and parking fee payment with a single identifier.
March 31, 2022
David Luken
David Luken

Car park operators can monitor all their car parks remotely and use detailed reporting features to manage occupancy levels and generate value-focused business forecasts. Skidata says that operators will also increase revenues by seamlessly integrating EV charging into their parking system so that payment of parking fee and charging fee is undertaken in a single transaction. Importantly, they will be able operate independently from other EV-charging network operators and keep control.

With the cloud-based sweb Platform, Skidata offers the foundation to fully exploit the potential of digitalisation and to implement new business ideas. The open interfaces and simple integration possibilities offered by the Skidata system architecture make it all possible. With the company’s consulting, implementation and service, all parking needs can be found at a single source.

The company’s smart Parking.Logic software controls your entire facilities. Intelligent and secure access management systems provide the highest level of comfort for guests and professional data and report management provides management with the reliable key figures need for strategic decisions.

The targeted optimisation of operational processes increases efficiency and a wide range of marketing and sales channels increases turnover. The seamless integration of third-party systems also ensures high flexibility of operations.

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