SMA’s Andromeda bridge rail takes the strain

SMA Road Safety is showcasing a range of hybrid tools for its safety barriers to protect motorists and communicate with operators and road users in the event of an accident
March 31, 2022
Roberto Impero
Roberto Impero

Its Geronimo tool provides in-service performance evaluation and records video of an impact against the frontal crash barrier, alerting the police and rescue services in real-time.  

The Andromeda bridge rail is equipped with a system of distributed sensors that alert motorists after an impact.

With installers and maintenance managers in mind, Italy-based SMA has also launched the Smart App that connects smartphones to the barriers to access product information (installation and repair procedures, spare parts list).

To improve safety in tunnels when there is an accident, SMA is proposing an active and passive safety system that is designed to significantly speed up the evacuation process. All the solutions are being showcased here at Intertraffic.

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