Surefire with Sunfire

SunfireFuel Cell’s Remote 400 provides off-grid power to stationary or semi-mobile applications. An integrated IP interface for telemonitoring and long maintenance intervals enable unattended operation for more than a year.
March 30, 2022

This makes Sunfire-Remote 400 ideal for use in secluded areas. Reliably, the compact unit operates at a temperature range from +55C to -20C, but can be as low as -40C if a customer specifies the range.

The Remote 400 can powers traffic light and barriers at level crossings during wintertime. Combined with photovoltaic systems, Sunfire-Remote 400 ensures the operation of several microwave radio stations in Alaska. In Tibet, Sunfire-Remote 400 has supplied the Mount Everest Base Camp with energy. For this purpose, two units were adapted to operate in base’s the high-altitude.

Stand 07.402

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