Tertu crash barriers match up to MASH

France-based crash barrier company Tertu has successfully performed a crash testing programme to meet the US MASH (AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) standard.
March 30, 2022
Philippe Giacometti
Philippe Giacometti

The test met the MASH level TL 2 standard and used a 2.2-tonne pick-up at 70km/h and a 1,100 kg car at the same speed, at impact angles of 25°.

Tertu says its T-MASH 18 device has become the first European-designed model of this type complying with all MASH requirements.

First orders have been already shipped to Australia and installed in Queensland, close to the Gold Coast residential and tourist region. The barriers are particularly adapted to be environmentally friendly and suited to the rural scenery of such areas.

In October 2020 the T-MASH 18 was added to the list of permanent road safety barrier systems accepted for use in New Zealand. In addition to the USA, MASH standards are also used in Singapore, UAE, Canada and Mexico.

The new system will be presented to international visitors on Tertu’s stand during Intertraffic.

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