Truvelo targets violation processing revolution

Intertraffic 2022 marks a strategic stepping-off point for traffic safety enforcement and compliance specialist Truvelo. The unveiling of the Violation Management System (VMS) completes the journey from developer and supplier of class-leading enforcement systems to complete end-to-end solutions and services provider. It also radically shifts the centre of influence in the enforcement sector by broadening the scope of offence-handling options.
March 30, 2022
David de Beer
David de Beer

The VMS is a state-of-the-art electronic back office capable of processing all types of enforceable driving and parking offences, both criminal and civil. It also provides a highly credible traffic data management capability — useful when trying to build the case for new installations or enforcement regimes.

“What we’ve created is an offence-management solution which exceeds the performance of anything else on the market,” says Calvin Hutt, Truvelo (UK)’s sales and marketing director.

“The VMS can accept inputs from many different manufacturers’ products. It can be supplied as an internal private cloud version which will operate on servers behind customers’ own firewalls; or as Software as a Service direct from Truvelo using any cloud-based environment, including police service-approved Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.”

Data is treated and managed in accordance with UK Home Office guidelines and in line with similar standards in other countries.

As well as receiving inputs from different manufacturers’ systems, the VMS can communicate with, and to, any other third-party back-office system. This guarantees interoperability with solutions already in use, as well as a migration path from any other back-office system to the VMS.

“The VMS is already in service and generating citations for numerous police departments in the southern US and South Africa,” Hutt continues. “The next step for us is to demonstrate to others in the market, both police and civil, why the VMS is so different and the best choice for their enforcement-handling needs.”

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