Urbiotica spots an opportunity

Urbiotica is showing its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based U-Spot Visio single-space parking detection software at the show. The Spanish company says that the main challenge for U-Spot Visio was monitoring a large number of parking spaces with a single camera. The ability to do so makes it ideal for large parking lots, such as park & ride areas, shopping malls, airports or hospitals.
March 30, 2022


The company has also developed an enforcement solution for kerbside management, taking into account restrictions on loading and unloading, or parking for people of reduced mobility.
This identifies users parked in each space and generates alerts when fraudulent use is detected. The system is based on the U-Spot M2M in-ground parking sensor, which uses magnetic technology to detect in real-time the entry and exit of vehicles, as well as the duration of the session, with no need for a gateway to transmit the data. Through the app, staff can consult the information and be alerted in case of fraud.

There are already 2000 smartly managed parking spaces in Spain and international projects are on the way.

Urbiotica manages and controls the use of the parking spaces reserved for PRM by guiding authorised users to spaces that are free and at the same time alerting staff when unauthorised users take spaces. This acts as a strong deterrent to motorists, who become aware that they are being monitored.
Stand 12.611

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