Vitronic tech enables new level of tolling

Digital technologies are transforming the traffic technology industry at a rapid pace. Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential to improve everything from pricing models and traffic management to safety and emission reduction.
March 4, 2022


In this context, Vitronic points out that tolling is playing an increasingly important role in future mobility – reducing congestion and contributing to new mobility. The company says that it enables a new level of tolling through 360° technology and comprehensive tolling expertise, including image/video-based tolling (AI detection), and both mobile and stationary automatic control.

Vitronic’s new development is mobile toll enforcement vehicles which are fitted with an enforcement bar. This mobile, fully automatic licence plate reading and classification system can recognise licence plates in four directions. Even at high speeds, the system achieves a very high recognition rate – meaning the detection, identification, and classification of vehicles can be carried out automatically from a moving vehicle.

In addition to optimising traffic flow and reducing emissions, Vitronic says the safety of all road users must be considered, especially vulnerable road users (VRUs). With the number of VRUs increasing in urban centres, cities need, in addition to speed and red-light enforcement, intelligent technology and traffic concepts to help protect them.

Visitors to the Vitronic stand will have an opportunity of seeing how machine learning and AI can be used to increase safety at crosswalks. A convolutional neural network (CNN)-based system monitors the crosswalk and automatically distinguishes between pedestrians, cyclists, and motorized road users. If a vehicle disregards a pedestrian’s right of way or endangers them, a violation is issued.

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